Access Management Considerations at Four Innovative Intersections



  • New Jersey Jughandle Intersection (NJJI)

  • Displaced Left Turn Intersection (DLF)

  • Median U-Turn Intersection (MUT)

  • Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersection (RCUT)


  • All unconventional intersection designs are conceived to take advantage of the local traffic pattern

  • Their main design objectives are to improve LOS of critical movements, maintain or improve overall safety at main intersection, and generate tolerable delays to non-critical movements

  • Ped/bike traffic are considered in the designs

  • Local business without shared parking and driveway may be negatively affected

  • Shopping centers with ample parking and consolidated driveway will attract more traffic and benefit

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1. Access Management Considerations at Four Innovative Intersections


3. Topics

4. Access Management Issues

5. New Jersey Jughandle Intersection

6. New Jersey Jughandle Intersection

7. Forward/reverse NJJI on Jackson Avenue in Pequannock Township, NJ

8. Access Management of NJJI

9. Displaced Left-Turn (DLT) Intersection

10. Displaced Left Turn (DLT)

11. DLT Baton Rouge, LA

12. Access Management of DLT


14. Median U-turn Intersection

15. Median U-Turn Intersection


17. Access Management of Median U-Turn

18. Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCU) Intersection

19. Restricted Crossing U-Turn Intersection (RCUT)

20. In MD, near Emmitsburg, PA

21. Wilmington, NC

22. Access Management of RCUT

23. Other types of unconventional intersections

24. Summary

25. Contact Information and Questions


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