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What we found

  • MDOT is typically getting what they pay for

  • Studies/plan preparations take 12 – 18 months

  • More than 35 studies completed

  • Cost range: $25,000 - $100,000

  • Plan/ordinance adoption rates and reasons vary

  • Numerous specific recommendations implemented

  • MDOT/local government cooperation and coordination typically improves after studies

  • Access committees often form in perpetuity


Key Recommendations

  • Continue support of MDOT AM program

  • Establish/promote MDOT policy requiring AM inclusion in R&R and capacity projects

  • Recognize & replicate beneficial practices throughout Michigan to improve local coordination

  • Continue support for AM training and awareness

  • Improve coordination between MDOT’s Asset Management Section and AM staff

  • Review, update, and promote Traffic and Safety Notes

  • Continue AM program and corridor evaluations into the future

Slide List:

Slide Titles (47 slides)

  1. Access Management Planning in Michigan

  2. Access Management Planning in Michigan

  3. Access Management Planning in Michigan

  4. Access Management Corridor Plan Process

  5. Access Management Corridor Plan Process

  6. Project Level Access Management Planning

  7. Impacts of both processes

  8. Improve quality and consistency of Access Management decisions

  9. What we did

  10. What else we did

  11. What we found

  12. What else we found

  13. Key Recommendations

  14. Key Recommendations

  15. Many photo examples follow


Slides 39-45 Quotes


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