The Convergence of Statewide Policy, Local Initiatives, and Private Development in Virginia


What is Virginia trying to reduce/remove?

  • traffic congestion
  • dangerous streets & intersections
  • new construction
  • widening projects

Takeaway #1

  • Not all arterials are created equal
    • Long distance trips with few access points
    • Local traffic with many access points
  • Design speed must be appropriate for the context
  • Road should change with the land use

Takeaway #2

  • VDOT recognizes that Roundabouts are frequently able to address the above safety and operational objectives better than other types of intersections in both urban and rural environments and on high-speed and low-speed highways. 

Virginia’s Future

  • Institutional resistance to change
  • Limited application of multimodalism and design flexibility, as promoted by FHWA


Slide Titles (68 slides)

•             The Convergence of Statewide Policy,  Local Initiatives, and Private Development in Virginia

•             It’s probably something to do with culture…  We’re not a walking city [because Detroit is] the automobile capital of the world.

•             The problems we have created cannot be solved with the same thinking that created them.

•             Good Connectivity

•             VDOT statewide access management program is closely associated with…  

•             Poor Connectivity

•             Takeaway #1 

•             Roadways classified according to their context increase…

•             Roadways classified according to their context decrease… 

•             Takeaway #2

•             VDOT recognizes that Roundabouts

•             [Roundabouts] should be considered as an alternative for all proposed new intersections on Federally-funded highway projects...

•             Virginia’s Future 

Slide List:
  1. Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements
  2. State Information
  3. VDOT Land Use Regulations
  4. VDOT Land Use Regulation Areas
  5. Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements
  7. Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements
  8. Area Types    
  9. Area Types
  10. Connectivity Requirements
  11. Connectivity Index
  12. Pedestrian Accommodation
  13. SSAR – Local Street Design
  14. And what does this have to do with Access Management?
  15. Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements


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