Corridor Management and Impact Mitigation in Florida


Case Studies

Mitigation in Florida

  • Transportation Concurrency
    • Local governments must address LOS deficiencies
    • Development must mitigate trips that cause LOS deficiencies
    • New capacity must be available or under construction within 3 years of building permit
  • Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation
    • Allows developers the option to mitigate and move forward under certain conditions
    • Credited against impact fee
  • Proportionate Share Mitigation
    • Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

Summary of Proposed Practice

1. Local government completes existing conditions analysis

  • Use to establish template “weights”

2. Local government develops mobility plan & completes template “self review”

  • Submit with application for CPA review

3. FDOT staff reviews package and completes template "agency review”

  • Prepare staff report

4. Opportunity for local refinements or additional information

  • What gets measured gets done


Slide List:

Slide Titles

1.            Corridor Management and Impact Mitigation in Florida

2.            Mitigation in Florida

3.            FDOT Role in Growth Management

4.            Problems with Concurrency

5.            Our Research Objective

6.            Corridor Management Strategies

7.            Research Questions

8.            City of Newberry SR 26 (SIS) Concurrency Issues

9.            City of Newberry/FDOT District 2 SR 26 Long Term CMS Agreement

10.          Walton County Corridor Mgt Plans

11.          Georgia Regional Transit Authority Transportation Review Scorecard for DRIs

12.          Shifting Sands

13.          New Project Focus

14.          User Guide and Template for Mobility Plan Review

15.          Guide

16.          Guide

17.          Criteria and Notes Table 11: Operations and Safety (OS2) Access Management Criteria

18.          Criteria and Notes Table 11: Operations and Safety (OS2) Access Management Criteria







25.          Summary of Proposed Practice

26.          Next Steps

27.          For Further Information

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