Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Best search tool is still google.com:
    1. Type the search term followed by site:accessmanagement.info
    2. The results are more complete than the internal search engine
  2. Sep 2017: The search tool is implemented. Search results can be filtered by selecting the appropriate box
    1. Enter a term (e.g.: access will give you the most results)
    2. Filter by selecting the appropriate box
  3. Can't access a Presentation? Page not found error
    1. Some links are broken. Most have beeen corrected.
    2. The current work around solution is to put www.teachamerica.com/ in front of the broken URL
      1. e.g. - search for Presentatin on NCHRP 404
      2. FInd http://www.accessmanagement.info/Presentation/nchrp-404-state-practice-h...
      3. Click on the Primary Link: http://www.accessmanagement.info/AM12/AM1201Gluck/
      4. Page not found error
      5. Type www.teachamerica.com/ in front of the url to view the presentation
      6. http://www.teachamerica.com/accessmanagement.info/AM12/AM1201Gluck/
  4. Can't find a file? 
    1. Use "Find on Page" from your browser from this page: 2014-resources
    2. All files from the previous website are archived at www.teachamerica.com/accessmanagement.info
      • The links may or may not resolve correctly based on the path names
      • There may be some path links that do not work - but all the files are there.
      • The technical problem of resolving broken URLs is the prime focus of the development team (12/4/13)
    3. Most files from past website are on the new server - if you have the old URL, the current path (12/4/13) is http://www.accessmanagement.info/accman/sites/default/files/
  5. Find presentations from past conferences
  6. How can I get involved?