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Presentations from the 11th National Access Management Conference held in Seattle Washington on September 21-23 in conjunction with the AASHTO Subcommittee on Design (SCOD).

General Session

Moderator/AASHTO SCOD Welcome: Carlos Braceras, Chair Utah

Washington State Welcome:  Lynn Peterson, Secretary WSDOT

FHWA Welcome: Dan Mathis, Washington Division Office FHWA

AASHTO Update: Jim McDonnell, AASHTO

TRB Update: Richard Cunard, TRB

Performance Based Practical Design Update: Robert Mooney, FHWA

Access, Context & Design Control: Andrew Beagle, P.E., WSDOT 

Developing a Context-Sensitive Functional Classification System for More Flexibility in Geometric Design: Adam Kirk, Dr. Nikiforos Stamatiadis, PhD, P.E. University of Kentucky

Session 1:

2nd Edition Access Management Manual and Access Management Application Guidelines Workshop

Kristine Williams, CUTR, University of South Florida

Karen Dixon, Ph.D.,  Texas A&M University

Vergil Stover, TRB Access Management Committee

Session 3                                                 

The Future of Community Based Planning: Elizabeth Robbins, WSDOT  Community Planning Office        

Randall Road - Working with Property Owners: Michael Wahlstedt, TransSystems

Joint Base Lewis McChord Corridor Analysis: Perry Shea, PE, Shea Carr Jewel and Associates  *

Access Management Case Studies with High Capacity Multi-Lane Roundabout Design & Implementation: Mark Johnson, MTJ Roundabout Engineering

Session 4

Quantifying the Safety Effects of Access Management Using VISSIM & SSAM: A Kansas Urban Corridor Study: Eric Fitzsimmons, WSDOT   

Investigating the Role of Access Management Strategies in Wrong-Way Driving Reduction in the Vicinity of Freeway Interchanges: Dr. Hugo Zhou, Auburn University  *

Comprehensive Safety Evaluation of Access Management: China National Highway 205: Jian Lu, Tongji University, Shanghai, China 

Virginia’s Intersection Spacing Standards for Mixed Use Urban Centers: Robert W. Hofrichter, Virginia DOT

Access Management Strategies & Considerations for Complete Streets:  Gary Sokolow, Florida DOT*

Session 5

Access Management Considerations for Freight: Matthew PahsWSDOT

Using Traffic Impact Studies to add value to a project: A Utah AM Case Study: Tony Lau, UDOT & Kordel Braley, RSG

Addressing Land Use Issues in AM Regulations & the Permitting Process: Kristine Williams, CUTR

Access Management Plan for Tennessee SR-109, Nashville Area MPO: Phil Demosthenes, Philip B Demosthenes LLC 

Access Management Program and Procedures, Abu Dhabi U.A.E.             

Session 6

Effects of Median Widths on Potential Wrong-Way Incidents on Divided Multilane Highways: Dr. Hugo Zhou, Auburn University

Development of Crash Modification Factors for Different Driveway Types Defined in the Highway Safety Manual: Dr. Michael Williamson, Indiana State University

The Mercer Mess - A Major Seattle Corridor Renovation: Angela Bradey, P.E., City of Seattle

Session 7

Functional Roadway Classification, Complete Streets & Context Sensitive Design: Vergil Stover, CUTR, Univ. of South Florida  

Creating Access Management Opportunities Through Roundabout Corridors: Zachary Clark, P.E., Kittelson & Associates, Florida

North Carolina Court Experiences with Access Management: Gary C. Faulkner, Traffic Impact Solutions, LLC   

Session 8

Shoreline Corridor Project: Alicai McIntire, PE, City of Shoreline, WA                                       

Laying A Good Foundation for Modern Access Management in Tennessee: Jason Oldham, Tennessee DOT

Maryland State Highways Access Management Process/FBI Headquarters Relocation: Erica Rigby, Maryland State Highway Administration 

Sight Distance Related to Access Management and Design: Karen Dixon, Texas A&M University

Session 9

Access Management Evaluation in the Houston Area; Robert Benz, TTI, Houston

Pylons: An Access Management Tool; Robert Benz, TTI, Houston

The Application of Access Management Technique in Residential Areas of Beijing; Li Wnzhao, Bejing China

Using Benefit/Cost Analysis to Determine Auxiliary Turn Lanes for New Access Connections; Vergil Stover

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Thank you SO MUCH for doing the recordings.  I'm sharing with our Access Mangmt. staff.

Will there be links for sessions 7, 8 and 9 at a future date?

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I hope you found the presentations helpful!