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The 2nd International Conference on Access Management (2014)

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                                       Call for Papers

     Access management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development. It encompasses a range of methods that promote the efficient and safe movement of people and goods by reducing conflicts on the roadway system and at its interface with other modes of travel . These methods include improvements to benefit transit, pedestrians, and bicyclists, as well as different treatments for urban, suburban, and rural settings. Network and circulation planning are the foundation for effective access management. Roadways are classified by function based upon the relative priority given to land access or through movement. Access management is necessary to achieve this roadway functional hierarchy, which is implicit in state, regional, and local transportation plans.

      As the main branch of the TRB conference, the National Access Management Conference draw attention of many experts both in China and abroad, also received widespread praise. It has become the international academic conference of high-specification, high level, with important influence in the international transportation field. The AM Conference effectively promoted the academic exchanges in the field of road transportation, and has the extremely profound influence in promoting theoretical innovation of the world and China road traffic, science and technology’s and social economy’s development.

     The 2nd International Conference on Access Management will be held in Tongji university on September 25, 2014. Their aim is “Efficient, safe, smart and innovative”,to strengthen academic exchange at home and abroad and learn about the up-to-date development in this field.

Conference Topic

AM policy of China

Intersection design technology

Research on access management and accidents models

Access management and transportation planning

Practice of access management in road planning and design of China and abroad

Traffic impact studies

Access near roundabouts

Safety analysis

Network modeling

Corridor management plans

Notice: If the paper is accepted,it will be published by TRB. And the excellent papers will be recommended to the foreign magazines,like Journal of Transportation Engineering .

Paper and Conference Language


Important Dates

1.       Abstract Submission Date:  October 31th 2013

2.       Noticification of Abstract Acceptance: November 30th 2013

3.       Full Paper Submission Date: January 31th 2014

4.       Noticification of Paper Acceptance Date: April 30th 2014

5.       Conference Date?September 27th 2014

Submission Methods

Contact: Yu Zhang

Telephone: +8615221478168

Fax: 021-69585717



Address: Tongji University- School of Transportation Engineering 4800 Cao’an Highway in Shanghai, 201804 



Access Management Commitee


Tongji University -School of Transportation Engineering

Co- Organizer:

Research Institue of Highway, Ministry of Transport

Traffic Management Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security

Shanghai Jiaotong University

China Highway and Transportation Society

Shanghai Highway and Transportation Society

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Event Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2013