Avoiding the Bypass Blues


Avoiding the Bypass Blues: Managing Impacts on Small- and Medium-Sized Communities

Impacts of Bypass Highways on Small- and Medium-Size Communities

Florida DOT Project (2011)


Objective:  To gain insights on and make recommendations regarding how to study the possible indirect impacts of new bypass highways on land use and other considerations in Florida

  • Strategic Intermodal System
    • Significant to statewide mobility
  • Small- and medium-sized communities
    • 1,000 to 50,000

In Conclusion

  • A bypass may seem like the best way to resolve issues of congestion through small- and medium-sized communities
  • Impacts should be thoroughly understood by stakeholders
  • Indirect impacts
    • Opens up area to new development
    • May redistribute area’s economic activity
    • Land use, livability, community character, local mobility

Important to identify impacts and strategies for mitigation

Slide List:
  1. Impacts of Bypass Highways on Small- and Medium-Size Communities
  2. Indirect Impacts
  3. Freeport, Florida
  4. Community Character – Post Office
  5. The Cycle
  6. Observations of
  7. FDOT Processes and Procedures to Determine Indirect Impacts
  8. Enhancements
  9. Share Information
  10. Expand the study area
  11. Determine Consistency with Plans
  12. Consider Growth Inducement Potential
  13. Assess Potential Change in
  14. Business Customers
  15. Resolving Issues
  16. Control Access to the Bypass
  17. Network Improvement
  18. Comprehensive Benefit-Cost Analysis
  19. Develop an Economic Plan
  20. Policy Considerations
  21. In Conclusion
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