Oregon’s Interchange Area Management Plans


Oregon’s Interchange Area Management Plans — A 10-Year Retrospective
Kittleson and Associates


  • A powerful planning tool
  • Proactively addresses land use, access, and design issues
  • Public process and development techniques need to be naturally transparent
  • The IAMP can formally or informally be applied to all jurisdictions
Slide List:
  1. Oregon's Interchange Area Management Plans –
  2. A 10-year Retrospective
  3. Presentation outline
  4. Oregon Interchange History (Pre 2000)
  5. Interchange Comparison
  6. Plan, Policy, and Regulatory Context
  7. Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP)
  8. When is an IAMP Required?
  9. Typical Components of IAMPs
  10. Adopted IAMPs
  11. Evolution of the IAMP
  12. Evolution of the IAMP
  13. Evolution of IAMPs
  14. What Have We Learned?
  15. Education Process
  16. Key Adoption Element
  17. Breadcrumb Test
  18. I-84/US 395 IAMP Example
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