Using Visualization Tool to Determine Roundabout Conflicts


Using Visualization Tool to Determine Roundabout Conflicts: Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM)
North Carolina DOT


In Summary

  • SSAM is a technique combining micro-simulation models and automated conflict analysis to assess the safety.
  • SSAM is a visual tool to support:
    • Identification conflict points, conflict types, conflict severity, and conflict zones
    • Analysis in terms of safety surrogate measures
    • Assessment alternatives
  • SSAM is an excellent tool to improve public involvement in terms of access management for driveways, alternatives, etc.
Slide List:
  1. Access Management: A Key to Safety and Mobility
  2. Access Management (AM)Tools and Techniques
  3. Alternative Scenarios
  4. Other Alternatives
  5. What is Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM)?
  6. SSAM & Simulation
  7. Surrogate Safety Assessment Model (SSAM)
  8. SSAM as a Visual Tool
  9. SSAM as an Analysis Tool
  10. Conflict Thresholds
  11. Threshold Angle Diagram
  12. Free-Flow Slip Lane Exit Type
  13. Conflict Type
  14. Conflict Type
  15. Rear-End Conflict Information
  16. Lane Change Conflict Information
  17. Crossing Conflict Information
  18. SSAM & Conflict Zones
  19. SSAM Conflicts Analysis
  20. Example
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