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FDOT Trip Generation Recommendations

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FDOT has the responsibility of maintaining the State’s roadway system. As a result, it is FDOT’s responsibility to monitor the traffic impacts of new development along the State Highway System. In response to the ever changing economic climate following the downturn of the economy, FDOT saw the need to assess the validity and applicability of trip generation and internal capture practices in Florida.

Model Land Development and Subdivision Regulations that Support Access Management

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 Effective local access management requires planning as well as regulatory solutions. Communities should establish a policy framework that supports access management in the local comprehensive plan, prepare corridor or access management plans for specific problem areas, and encourage good site planning techniques. Land development and subdivision regulations should be amended accordingly and communities may also consider a separate access management ordinance.

FDOT 2017 Complete Streets Handbook

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Complete Streets Handbook and new FDOT Design Manual will help us provide more context-sensitive roads by putting "the right street in the right place."   This draft document is under review until July 31, 2017

FDOT Complete Streets Policy Adopted September 17, 2014

Executive Summary

FDOT District 1 Driveway Connection Handbook

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This Handbook was prepared by FDOT District 1 

The Handbook is designed to generally follow the chronological order of process needed through the pre-application, application review, permit approval, and driveway construction processes.  


CH1 Introduction

CH2 Pre-Application Procedures

CH3 Permit Submittal Requirements

CH4 Completeness & Technical Reviews

CH5 Notice of Intent

CH6 Permit Approval and Issuance

CH7 Construction Requirements

CH8 Violations

FDOT 2016 Rules and Statutes

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State of Florida Rules and Statutes about Access Management (2016)

  • Rule 14-96 Connection Permits
  • Application and permit forms
  • Rule 14-97 Access Management Standards and Classifications
  • Access Management Florida Statute 335.18, State Highway System
  • Access Management Act
  • Procedure on Median Openings and Access Management 625-010-021
  • Procedure on Assignment of Access Management Classifications to the State Highway System

FDOT Guide to the Perplexed

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This is a PowerPoint presentation delivered to the Florida Department of Transportation District 3 Office on October 20, 2016

It covered:

  • Fundamentals of Access Management
  • Complete Streets Initiative Considerations
  • Pedestrian Access Management
  • Access Management in Site Development
  • FDOT Resources
  • Traffic Studies for Permitting
  • Exclusive Turn Lanes
  • Complete Streets Implementation
  • D3 Permit Checklist

Case Studies include: