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1998 National Conference on Access Management

The 1998 National Conference on Access Management, held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, from October 4 to October 7, 1998, was sponsored by the Transportation Research BoardÂ’s Committee on Access Management and the Federal Highway Administration Office of Technology Applications. The Florida Department of Transportation hosted the Conference.

In attendance were more than 250 professionals representing a wide range of disciplines, organizations and geographical areas. Disciplines included engineers, planners, designers, researchers, right-of-way specialists as well as technical, legal, and administrative experts. Federal agencies, State Department of Transportation, MPOs, cities, counties, universities and private consultants were all represented.

The primary purpose of the Conference was to provide attendees with the latest information on access management by bringing together experts from different areas and providing tutorials and training on the subject in twenty four sessions and with 55 separate presentations. Published papers or abstracts are summarized in these Proceedings.

The published papers were submitted by the authors on diskettes or CDs and then, where possible, formatted with uniform fonts and spacing formats. The papers were not edited for content. In the event no formal written paper was submitted, handouts for the conference were scanned and formatted to fit within the compendium. This was the first proceedings of the Access Management Committee to be published on a CD-ROM.

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