Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM H. J. Stander – Urban Form, Road Classification


Perspectives on Urban Form, Road Classification and Access Management

Hein J. Stander, AECOM


  • Background
  • Spacing Higher Order Roads
  • Comparison International Cities
  • Access Spacing and Real World Situation
  • Application of AM in Practice
  • Conclusions


Approach proposed for practical application:

  • Develop/adopt AM policy
  • Classify road network
  • Make road classification available to land owners/developers
  • Refuse rezoning requiring access which in contradiction to policy
  • Don’t allow intersection control (signals) at improper spacings – use marginal/partial access
  • Develop arterial management plans indicating planning of accesses
  • Retrofit where access conditions are poor
  • Gradually upgrade mobility wherever possible
  • Employ traffic calming on access streets to encourage use of mobility routes


  • Actual spacing of higher order routes is close to “ideal” spacing
  • Standards for spacing of higher order routes appear to be realistic
  • Characteristics of road classes differ worldwide
  • Practical situations exist which cannot be served by standards/guidelines that have been developed
  • Only solution is decisions “based on policy”
  • Development of arterial (access) management plans important to provide guidance to land owners/developers