Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM Honqi Liu: Classification of Highway At-Grade Intersections

  • Authored by:  Honqi Liu

Honqi Liu

Classification and Design of Highway At-Grade Intersections 

From the point of expressway operating safety and effectiveness, expressway operating environment is defined here as the system composing road, traffic, climate and humanistic environment. All traffic activities would be operated inside the environmental space. Therefore, accurate description and reasonable evaluation of operating environment and operation safety seems very important. Currently, there is lack of a set of scientific and operable technical indexes to describe and evaluate Expressway Operating Environment for Safety Design and Operation. According to the recent research results, a set of evaluation indexes of expressway operating environment for safety design and operation has been proposed in this paper, where the expressway geometric alignment, road and traffic infrastructures environment, and the traffic flow operation status are considered. This index system could be used to as a tool for safety design, safety evaluation and operation management. 

Classification, Effects, Functional Intersection Area, Performance Measurement
2014, 2014 ICAM