Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM Lingzong Kong: Model of deceleration lane length

  • Authored by:  Lingzong Kong

Lingzong Kong

Model of deceleration lane length calculation

ABSTRACT: Through observation and data analysis of the eight-lane highway deceleration lane existing in China, it finds that large vehicles have lower speed better driving regularity than small ones, and that the deceleration lane can meet the demands of large vehicles. In this study, it focuses on the small vehicles and combines running speed, average speed, and designing speed to study, in which it considers the impact of large vehicles. Considering the way of deceleration lane calculation based on quadratic deceleration, it divides the deceleration lane into three sections which are triangular transition section, the first deceleration section and the second deceleration section, according to the deceleration process and characteristics in each one, and study the related parameters. At last, it proposes the deceleration lane calculation model and the corresponding recommended value. 

Auxiliary Lanes
2014, 2014 ICAM