Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM M. Watters: South Africa Guidelines

  • Authored by:  Malcolm L. Watters

M.L. Watters:

The Development of Access Management Guidelines for the Western Cape Government, South Africa

 During the mid-nineteen nineties the need to properly define a safe and consistent approach for dealing with property access applications was identified. To this end a unique approach was adopted in an attempt to find a balance between the demand for access to encourage development and the need to protect the rights of the wider community for sustainable transportation, more particularly road infrastructure development, while at the same time ensuring adequate mobility in support of accessibility to economic opportunities. This resulted in the production of a document “Road Access Guidelines”. This document is still in use.

During 2012 it was decided to produce a new guideline on access management, taking into account the development of the science of access management around the world and the changed environment within the region during the ensuing years.

This new document serves to set out guidance for the overall management of access for people and goods from the road network to adjacent land uses and to determine the type and overall spacing of such accesses so as to minimize the disruptive effect of access conflicts on the operating performance of all users of the relevant elements of the road network.

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