Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM Phil Demosthenes Access Program Framework

  • Authored by:  Philip B. Demosthenes

 Philip Demosthenes

Access Program Framework

Internationally, an access management program framework will vary by type of government, culture and established preferences in roadway design and traffic engineering. Mr. Demosthenes will use personal experiences from the USA, Greece, and Dubai and Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates (U.AE.) to present and discuss some universal access management issues and principles for agency programs.

Topics will include; alignment of level of access control with functional network classifications, alignment of access design with desirable level of safety and operational capacities, establishing tiers of design according to roadway functional purpose, the marginal and median control of access, procedures for permit processing and compliance and images of roadways and access related issues and treatments in the UAE and the USA. 

General, Land Development, Regional Program, State Program