Proceedings | 2015

2014 ICAM Yanguy Liu: A Study of the Opening Size of Auxiliary Lanes

  • Authored by:  Yanguy Liu

Yanguy Liu

A Study of the Opening Size of Auxiliary Lanes on the Driving Behavior-based analysis

ABSTRACT: In China, with the auxiliary lane construction acting as an important means of access control management, more and more auxiliary lanes are constructed on the high-grade roads, but the opening size of those auxiliary lanes lack definite rules and theoretical basis. In the paper, the characteristics of driving behaviors of entering and exiting the auxiliary lanes are considered, and a relative kinematics model is established on the basis of lane changing theory. The minim opening safe spacing (MOSS) is presented and acts as the safety index of the opening at certain speed. A final driving simulation test proves the good applicability of the model. 

Auxiliary Lanes