Committee | 2014

2014 Mid-Year Meeting Agenda


July 20th, 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. (MDT)
 Salt Lake, UT

1) Welcome and Introductions (Butorac)

a. Conference Call Intros

i. Telephone Conference Call-in Number: 1-866-746-1676

ii. PIN number: 1419# and Security code: 1419#

iii. Please keep your phone on mute while you are not speaking

2) Meeting Agenda Review/Modifications (Butorac)

3) Consent Agenda Items (Hopes)

a. Acceptance of the 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

4) Access Management Committee Presentation (Butorac)

a. Committee Goals
b. Committee Structure
c. How to Become Involved

5) Triennial Report Workshop (Butorac)

6) Mid?Year Meeting & 2014 Annual Meeting Updates (Cunard)

7) Subcommittee Reports

a. Research (Schultz)
i. 2014 Mid?year Meeting Summary
ii. Actions
b. Conference Committee (De Ste. Croix)
i. 2014 Mid?year Meeting Summary
ii. Upcoming Meetings
1. 2014 International AM Conference in Shanghai (Schultz)
2. 2015 National Conference in Seattle (de Ste. Croix)
3. 2016 International AM Conference in Cape Town (Stander)
iii. Actions
1. 2015 Midyear Meeting in Seattle (de Ste. Croix)
2. 2018 National Conference Wisconsin (Pat Hawley)
c. Manual/Outreach Committee (Huffman)
i. Website Update (Broen)
ii. 2014 Mid?year Meeting Summary
iii. Actions

8) Review of Draft Annual Meeting Agenda (Hopes)

a. Summary of Action Items Prior to Pre?Meetings (Hopes)
b. Pre?Meeting Conference Call Dates
i. Chair, Secretary, CCC, and Subcommittee Chairs (Hopes)
ii. Research Subcommittee (Schultz)
iii. Conference Subcommittee (De Ste. Croix)
iv. Manual/Outreach Subcommittee (Huffman)

9) Committee Communication Coordinator (CCC) Report (Broen)

a. FHWA Report
b. Committee Liaison Reports*

10) Non?Agenda Items (NOAs)

11) Adjourn

AHB70, Mid-Year