Paper | 2013

Access Connections on Opposite Sides of the Roadway

  • Authored by:  Dr. Vergil G. Stover

Stover, V.G. Access Connections on Opposite Sides of the Roadway, Technical Memorandum, Center for Urban Transportation Research, (2008) unpublished. Available at

This technical memorandum, prepared under various research contracts, addresses problems associated with access connections on opposite sides of a roadway and identifies where the typical practice of aligning access connections directly opposite one another may or may not be appropriate. It also includes examples where a change in alignment was made or crossing maneuvers were eliminated. For example, it notes that

“…aligning driveways on opposite sides of major undivided roadways or on opposite sides of a divided highway with a narrow median – especially high volume, high speed roadways, results in serious operational and safety problems.”

Other useful sources include:
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Driveways, access connections