Brochure | 2013

Access Management Answers to your questions

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation
  • Co-authored by:  Frank Broen

This very popular 12 page access management brochure provides answers to the following questions often asked by business owners:

  • What is access management?
  • Does FDOT just think this stuff up?
  • How does access management improve safety?
  • What will happen if access management is not implemented?
  • Does access management keep customers away?
  • What do your customer¬ís want?
  • Do access management projects harm businesses?
  • What do your customers think of access management?
  • How can business owners participate in the process?
  • What positive impacts will good access management have on my business?
  • Will customers make U-turns to access businesses?
  • Why is access management critical in interchange areas?
  • Just think about…
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