Handbook | 2017

Access Management Application Guidelines (AMAG)

TRB’s Access Management Application Guidelines (AMAG) focuses on the applications of access management concepts and provides research-based guidelines on access management treatments and procedures for their applications. The AMAG is a how-to tool for continuing the evolution of access management applications in the United States. The AMAG addresses general access management concepts; policy-related development and implementation of access management programs; design of access elements, such as local access driveway design, corridor design, site design, and turn lanes; other access management considerations; and more. The AMAG also includes self-calculating spreadsheet tools that can be customized so that an agency can adapt AMAG recommendations to local standards.

This volume can be used as a companion to TRB’s Access Management Manual, second edition, which provides guidance on a coordinated approach to transportation and community design that is designed to help enhance mobility, provide greater mode choice, and improve environmental quality.

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Access Spacing, Auxiliary Lanes, Driveways, Functional Intersection Area, Interchange, Medians, Techniques