Handbook | 2013

Access Management Guidebook For Major Arterial Intersections

  • Authored by:  David J. Plazak
  • Co-authored by:  Chris Albrecht , B. Grefe

Plazak, D., C. Albrecht and B. Grefe, Access Management Guidebook For Major Arterial Intersections, Institute for Transportation, Iowa State University, prepared for the Iowa Department of Transportation (2009) This guidebook addresses the importance of managing access at the intersections of major arterial roadways—roadways that carry higher volumes of traffic and are of a greater regional or local significance. Of particular value are the case studies used for illustrating good and poor practices, using actual situations documented at major roadway intersections in Iowa. The guide:

• documents and defines lessons learned from the case studies;

• discusses potential access management treatments to address current issues, such as service roads, access spacing, new raised or flush medi¬ans, directional access, and alternative access from minor roadways; and

• explains how to address potential land use, political, legal, and other issues in order to implement a chosen access management strategy.

Functional Intersection Area