Research | 2013

Access Management Programs in Selected States: Lessons Learned

  • Authored by:  William E. Frawley
  • Co-authored by:  William L. Eisele

            This paper provides an overview of current access management programs in various states, and is one of few uncovered that focus on “lessons learned” during the development and implementation of the programs. Although few specific details are provided, it does include general suggestions that may be useful for the chapter on state program development. Examples of the lessons learned include hiring a large enough staff dedicated to the program, creating a separate bureau/ department/division for access management, and including a process to handle waivers. Comments from state DOT officials are also presented. 

Frawley, W. and W. Eisele, “Access Management Programs in Selected States: Lessons Learned,” Mid Continent Transportation Symposium Proceedings, Iowa State University, (2000)

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