AHB70 TSP 2011-2014

Committee | 2013

AHB70 Committee Triennial Strategic Plan

  • Authored by:  Kristine M. Williams

Committee Name and Number: AHB70, TRB Access Management Committee
Committee Chairperson: Kristine M. Williams, Center for Urban Transportation Research,
University of South Florida
TSP ThreeYear
Period: April 2011 – April 2014
Date Prepared: August 2011
Committee Future Outlook Statement:

Current Committee Scope
The committee will share the latest knowledge, expertise and experience to facilitate leadership and partnerships to advance the state?of?the?practice in access management and its integration into established planning, policy and design processes.
Factors and influences that will shape the committee’s activities Access management has the potential to significantly improve the safety and operation of the transportation system at relatively low cost. It is the careful consideration of the location, type and design of access to a roadway and adjacent land development and involves a range of strategies to reduce conflicts among the various facility users. It grew from a recognition that vehicular maneuvers and volumes at each access point or intersection have measurable and cumulative impacts on the safety and operation of the transportation system. The concept concentrates on restricting the number of direct accesses to major surface streets, providing reasonable indirect access, effectively designing driveways, enforcing safe and efficient spacing and location of access, providing medians on major roadways, and introducing auxiliary lanes for left and right turns. The practice is expanding to integrate access management principles into all modes of travel, including strategies for safe and efficient pedestrian, bicycle, and transit access.

AHB70, Committee, Strategic Plan