Handbook | 2014

Alabama Access Management Manual

  • Published by:  Alabama Department of Transportation

The purpose of the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) Access Management Manual is to set out standards for managing access to and from state roads and highways.

Goals of access management include:

  • protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public
  • maintaining the highway rights-of-way
  • preserving the functional level of state roads and highways while meeting the needs of the motoring public

Alabama Department of Transportation Access Design and Management Manual

1 Introduction

1.1.  Purpose

1.2.  Authority

1.3.  Limitations

1.4.  Organization

1.5.  Definitions, Abbreviations and Acronyms

1.6.  Legend

1.7.  Types of Permits With Access Management

1.8.  Permit Review Process

1.9.  Exceptions/Variances

1.10.  Department Contacts

2 Principles of Access Management

2.1.  Functional Classification

2.2.  Accessibility vs. Mobility

2.3.  Safety Benefits of Access Management

2.4.  Other Benefits of Access Management

2.5.  Reasonable Access

3 Traffic Impact Study Requirements

3.1.  General Information

3.2.  When is a Traffic Impact Study Required?

3.3.  Trip Generation Memorandum Requirements

3.4.  Traffic Impact Study Contents

4 Access Design

4.1.  Connections

4.2.  Full/Directional Median Crossover

4.3.  Connection Spacing Requirements

4.4.  Driveway Geometric Design

4.5.  Left Turn Lanes

4.6.  Right Turn Lanes

4.7.  Interstate Interchange Vicinity

4.8.  Accommodating Other Modes

4.9.  Signage

5 Retrofitting Access Management to Existing Roads

5.1.  Application of Access Management Techniques to Existing Roadways

5.2.  When to Apply Access Management Techniques

5.3.  Techniques Applicable to Retrofit

5.4.  Access Permitting and Developing a Retrofit Plan

Appendix A – Location of Documents referred to in the ALDOT Access management Manual Appendix B – ALDOT Division and District contacts
Appendix C – Directions to Functional Classification Maps of Alabama Roadways
Appendix D – Left/Right Turn Lane Quick Guide

Appendix E – Left Turn Storage Calculations

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