Paper | 2018

AM18 Poster Chennan Xue, Dan Xu

  • Authored by:  Chennan Xue
  • Co-authored by:  Dan Xu

A Probabilistic Model to Predict Intermittent Sight Distance Obstruction at Unsignalized Intersections on High-Speed Rural Divided Highways

Chennan Xue and Dan Xu

Minor-road left-turn vehicles’ views are likely to be blocked by major-road right-turn vehicles on the conventional right-turn lane at unsignalized intersections.


The probability of sight distance obstruction shows strong linear regression with major-road right-turn traffic volume, minor-road left-turn traffic volume, and the root mean square (RMS) of major road right-turn and minor road left-turn traffic volumes.

At this type of intersection, 0.375 crashes happened per intersection per year on average with 0.600 injuries. 1 percentage of probability of sight distance obstruction can result in 3.6 potential conflicts on average.

Auxiliary Lanes
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