Paper | 2018

AM18 Poster Dan Xu (1st Place Poster Award)

  • Authored by:  Dan Xu , Chennan Xue

Interchange Deceleration Lane Design Based on Naturalistic Driving Speed and Deceleration Rates

Dan Xu (1st Place Poster Award Winner) and Chennan Xue

(Poster updated 8/1/2018)

The Green Book provides the minimum lengths of deceleration lanes. The length recommendations provided by the 2011 edition are similar to the documents published in 1965, which were based on the data collected in the 1930s and had not been updated. (Fitzpatrick et al., 2012; Abdelnaby, 2014) Data was obtained from NDS dataset, including Video and Time Series Report.

Why Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS):

  • Driver behavior
  • Daily trips
  • Details of the driver, vehicle, and surroundings
  • Previous studies relied primarily on radar data and computer simulations (Schagen, 2011)


  • Drivers were not effectively using deceleration lane as would be expected.
  • The effective deceleration segment was on the off-ramp rather than deceleration lane.
  • The key assumptions should be updated in the Green Book.
Auxiliary Lanes, Interchange
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