Paper | 2018

AM18 Poster Qing Chang

  • Authored by:  Qing Chang
  • Co-authored by:  Yukun Song , Dr. Huaguo Hugo Zhou

Right-Turn Lane Effects on Unsignalized Intersection: A Before-and-After Study of Right-Turn Lane Implementation on Unsignalized Intersection

Qing Chang; Yukun Song; Huaguo Zhou

This study is aimed to evaluate the safety and cost effectiveness for a new implementation of  a right turn lane which is located in Ashton Lane, Auburn, AL. In order to achieve this purpose, a before and after study was applied during the peak hour, 4 to 6pm. According to the number of conflicts and related calculations, the results can be concluded that the right turn lane can reduce the number of conflicts, increase driver speed and save time due to the conflict. 

Summary Conclusions:

The benefits of the right turn lane Implementation can be summarized as follows:

The conflict that caused by right turn vehicle can be reduced by 49% and ther are 91 conflicts will be reduced every day during the peak hour, on average. The implemented right turn lane would save user’s value of time for $15,500 anually.

Auxiliary Lanes, Effects, Performance Measurement
Poster, Right-turn Lane, Student