Proceedings | 2016

Analyzing Safety of Access Management Implementation on Utah Roadways

  • Authored by:  Dr. Grant G. Schultz (PhD)

Analyzing Safety of Access Management Implementation on Utah Roadways – Dr Grant G Schultz, Brigham Young University, USA  
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Research performed by researchers at Brigham Young University for the Utah Department of Transportation will be summarized and referenced in this paper. Specific research that will be included will be that of raised median safety impacts from both a traditional analysis methodology and using Bayesian methods, as well as an analysis of access management techniques (e.g., corner clearance, access spacing, median openings, etc.) at major-arterial intersections. The purpose of the paper will be to present references to papers that provide an overview on the safety impacts of access management such that the reader can review the details and specific analysis results of these and other safety studies. The results of the analyses indicate that access management techniques play a significant role in improving and maintaining safety along urban arterials and at major-arterial intersections. 

Effects, Performance Measurement
ICAM 2016