Research | 2013

Back-in/Head Out Angle Parking

  • Published by:  Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.

Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates. Back-in/Head Out Angle Parking, San Francisco, CA (2005)

      This report discusses the design and benefits of back-in/head-out angle parking and reviews examples of where the design has been implemented. Benefits noted include:

  • The driver can drive forward out of the stall and has a better view of oncoming traffic when exiting
  • Parking stalls for disabled can be placed near existing curb ramps and allow driver to unload out of the way of traffic
  • Improved driver safety when unloading or loading a trunk
  • Improved safety for bicyclists using the roadways. “The driver is able to see the cyclist easily when exiting the stall. Several cities where back-in angle parking has been implemented have seen a reduction in number of accidents compared to the number of accidents at regular parallel parking schemes.”