Handbook | 2017

Combined AMAG & AM Manual

 TRB’s newest publications on access management draw on national and state research to respond to the need for a more coordinated approach to transportation and community design that preserves the safe and efficient movement of peoples and goods, provides supporting networks in developed areas, and reinforces desired urban form. The Access Management Manual, Second Edition and Access Management Manual Application Guidelines bring together national and state research on evolving trends in access management and the optimal applications of these management concepts.

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USB flash drive that contains the complete text of each volume with links between material common to both volumes and self-calculating spreadsheet tools that demonstrate some of the basic concepts introduced in the two books.

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Access Permitting, Access Spacing, Auxiliary Lanes, Classification, Committee, Coordination, Corridor Plans, Driveways, Effects, Functional Intersection Area, Interchange, Introduction, Land Development, Legal Considerations, Local Program, Medians, Networks, Performance Measurement, Public Involvement, Regional Program, Right-of-Way, State Program, Techniques
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