Paper | 2015

Design of Right Turn Lanes

  • Authored by:  Dr. Vergil G. Stover
  • Co-authored by:  Dr. Karen Dixon

This paper provides an expansion and explanation of the presentation of the “Design of Right-Turn Lanes” presented in Session 619 of the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board. The paper addresses the operational issues and the design of right-turn lanes. As indicated in the paper, many issues relating to right-turn lanes are the same as for left-turn lanes. Deceleration rates reported in NCHRP Report 780 for left-turns are reasonably consistent with those previously assumed. The rationale for taper length as opposed to taper ratio is discussed. It is suggested that a “standard” short taper length be used. The paper also addresses a variety of issues such as, channelizing island/shape, use of “short” turn lanes, and pedestrian refuge. 

Auxiliary Lanes
Right-turn Lane