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Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors

  • Published by:  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

FHWA, Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors, FHWA, Washington, DC, September 2007.

This Desktop Reference documents the estimates of the crash reduction that might be expected if a specific countermeasure or group of countermeasures is implemented with respect to intersections, roadway departure and other non-intersection crashes, and pedestrian crashes. The estimates of crash reduction are known as Crash Reduction Factors (CRFs), and represent the information available to date. Where available, the Desktop Reference includes multiple CRFs for the same countermeasure to allow the reader to review the range of potential effectiveness. The CRFs are a useful as a guide, but it remains necessary to apply engineering judgment and to consider site-specific environmental, traffic volume, traffic mix, geometric, and operational conditions which will affect the safety impact of a countermeasure. This report is a revision of Report FHWA-SA-07-015.

Effects, Right-of-Way
CRF, crash reduction factor, intersection crashes, pedestrian crashes, roadway departure crashes