Publication | 2019

Does Travel Time Reliability Matter?

  • Published by:  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Improving access management strategies has not only safety benefits in the order of millions annually, it has system performance benefits – travel time reliability – as a function of gross state product value – the movement/cost of the goods and services and the economic performance of industry in your state.  The cost of the supply chain – and the competitiveness of the products of your state competing against others in global trade. 

Every state DOT should be measuring system performance in terms of supply chain efficiency.  Managing access is a benefit to supply chain efficiency. 

FHWA: Travel time reliability 

The concept of travel time reliability is explored in Does Travel Time Reliability Matter?, a report from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. It defines and measures reliability and describes the costs of an unreliable system to businesses, the traveling public, and local governments. This report derives information from the Strategic Highway Research Program, SHRP2, created by AASHTO and TRB.

  • References:  FWHA
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