Proceedings | 2016

Engaging Local Governments and Land Use Planners in Access Management

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  • Authored by:  Kristine M. Williams

Engaging Local Governments and Land Use Planners in Access Management – Kristine M Williams, University of South Florida, USA
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Transportation agencies have little or no authority over the land development process that leads to access requests. Local governments often have little or no authority over highway access permitting decisions. Given this separation of authority, transportation agencies and local governments can achieve far more through mutual cooperation than either could achieve alone. Where state and local agencies act independently, however, the typical result is inconsistent decision-making and enforcement problems. This paper explores the interface of local planning and development regulation with roadway access management programs of non-local transportation agencies. The benefits of access management to community planning and sustainability goals are discussed, along with land use planning and regulatory strategies. Finally, strategies and best practices for improved interagency coordination in access management are presented, building on experience in the U.S. 

Coordination, Land Development, Local Program, Regional Program
ICAM 2016