Handbook | 2017

FDOT 2017 Complete Streets Handbook

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Complete Streets Handbook and new FDOT Design Manual will help us provide more context-sensitive roads by putting “the right street in the right place.”   This draft document is under review until July 31, 2017

FDOT Complete Streets Policy Adopted September 17, 2014

Executive Summary

  • Context-Based Planning and Design
  • What Is FDOT’s Approach to Complete Streets?
  • Complete Streets Principles and The Florida Transportation Plan
  • What Is in this Handbook?
  • Next Steps

Partnership And Agency Collaboration

  • The Role of Community Visions
  • How Land Use Supports Complete Streets
  • Project Development Process
  • FDOT’s Role
  • The Roles of Partners

Context-Based Complete Streets

  • Context Classification
  • Transportation Characteristics
  • Environmental Characteristics
  • Context Classification Relationship with Existing Handbooks and Processes

Process for Implementing Complete Streets

  • Regional Transportation Planning and Complete Streets
  • Project Planning and Complete Streets
  • Defining Context Classification in The FDOT Process
  • Implementation
  • Funding and Maintenance

Design Considerations for Complete Streets

  • Context-Based Design Controls
  • The Roadway as Part of a System
  • Unique Design Considerations


A1 Appendix A

  • Land Use Tools to Support Safe and Comfortable Multimodal Travel

A7 Appendix B

  • Context Classifications Case Studies

A16 Appendix C

  • How to Calculate Floor Area Ratio If Not Defined in Zoning Code

A17 Appendix D

  • Proposed FDM Design Speed Ranges by Context Classifications for Non-Limited-Access Facilities

A18 Appendix E

  • Draft Sample Context Classification Letter of Agreement with Local Governments

A20 Appendix F

  • List of Handbooks and Guidance Documents that Include Tools for Implementing Complete Streets
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