Handbook | 2013

Florida Driveway Information Guide

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Driveway Information Guide (updated 2008) The driveway design handbook developed and used by the Florida DOT is one of the most comprehensive design guides used by any state agency in the United States. The document presents recommended design criteria as well as detailed supplementary information for nine different aspects of driveway design. The first six chapters address the geometric design of the driveway itself, including radius and flare, width, grade, channelization, length, and auxiliary lanes. The last three chapters address issues relating the driveway to its surrounding environment, including sight distance, pedestrian and bicyclist traffic, and its location relative to adjacent roadways, intersections, land uses, and transit stops. It is graphical and easy to use and therefore will be also useful in considering effective ways to convey technical information in the AMM2.

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