Proceedings | 2014

ICAM 2011

International Conference on Access Management was held in Athens Greece Jun 15-17, 2011

SESSION 1: Systems planning, traffic management and control, corridor design
Moderators: Nikiforos Stamatiadis (USA) – Polichronis Akritidis (Greece)
OP 1.1
Access management at peak hours on an interurban corridor under construction. The case of “Korinthos-Patra section of Olympia Odos”
Gerasimos Koklas (Greece), Konstantinos Papandreou (Greece) & Yannis Handanos (Greece)
OP 1.2
Road access management: Classification of activity routes
Hein J. Stander (South Africa) & Malcolm L. Watters (South Africa)
OP 1.3
Athens 2004 Olympics: The importance of a freeway for the access to an olympic size event
Bill Halkias (Greece), Fanis Papadimitriou (Greece), Dimitrios Mandalozis (Greece),
Helen Tyrogianni (Greece) & Anna Politou (Greece)
OP 1.4
Study on quantitative analysis of traffic conflicts in traffic impact
Lei Du (China), Xiaokuan Yang (China) & Lei Lei (China)