Handbook | 2013

Indiana Access Management Study

  • Published by:  Urbitrans, Inc. , Bernardin Lochmueller and Associates, Inc.

Indiana Access Management Study, prepared by Urbitrans, Inc. for the Indiana Department of Transportation (2006)

The Indiana Access Management Study was conducted to address the needs of INDOT as it worked toward development and implementation of a systemwide access management program for Indiana. Several individual project reports were produced a training presentation, an Access Management Guide for use by state and local officials in implementing access management, an analysis of the legal framework that currently governs rights of access in Indiana and a comparison of other state jurisdictions where relevant, an examination of access classification systems from numerous state DOT’s within context of the INDOT’s Corridor hierarchy, and an assessment of InDOT access management policies as they pertain to site development, driveway location, and state and local review process with respect to access along state highways. 

Access Permitting, Coordination, Driveways, Introduction, State Program, Techniques
DOT, Guide, Handbook, Indiana