Research | 2013

Michigan Access Management Program Evaluation

  • Authored by:  William L. Eisele , William E. Frawley

Eisele, W. and W. Frawley, Michigan Access Management Program Evaluation, prepared for the Michigan Department of Transportation, Texas Transportation Institute (2010),1607,7-151-9621_11041_29705—,00.html

The Michigan Department of Transportation has had an access management program since 2002 that focuses on the development and implementation of corridor access management plans in cooperation with local agencies. This study evaluated the results of that program. Of particular value to the AMM2 are the local examples and photos of how access management was successfully implemented. The evaluation determined that the program is accomplishing benefits, including evidence of plan recommendations being implemented through individual negotiations with property owners. In addition, local ordinances and plans are being adopted or modified, local coordination is occurring, and corridor access management committees are being formed. The study also recommended closer coordination with asset management and application of access management as appropriate during rehabilitation and reconstruction (R&R) or capacity improvement projects and/or as land redevelops along corridors with adopted access management plans and/or ordinances.

Effects, State Program
DOT, Michigan