Research | 2013

Missouri: A Comprehensive Process for Developing a Statewide Access Management Program

  • Authored by:  David J. Plazak
  • Co-authored by:  Norman Beeman , Mac Finley

Plazak, D., N. Beeman, and M. Finley, “Missouri: A Comprehensive Process for Developing a Statewide Access Management Program,” Mid Continent Transportation Symposium Proceedings, Iowa State University, (2000) [Online] Available

      This paper addresses efforts of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT), which is responsible for one of the largest state highway systems in the United States to develop a systemwide access management program. It will be useful in providing ideas for other states embarking on access management program development. Key steps in MODOT’s Access Management program development process were:

  • Stakeholder identification and participation.
  • Participant education on access management principles and impacts.
  • Development of specific statewide goals for access management.
  • Development of an easy to understand (and communicate) access management roadway classification system based on MODOT’s existing functional classification system.
  • Development of a detailed set of access management standards and guidelines in the form of a guidebook.
  • Development of administrative processes (such as the driveway permitting process).
  • Identification of current and likely future access management problem corridors.
  • Identification of promising “pilot” project corridors where access management principals could be applied.
  • Access management awareness and training for stakeholder groups identified through a marketing plan.

      The authors note that the success of the MODOT plan will ultimately hinge on three key things: 1) the ability to coordinate implementation within MODOT, 2) the ability of MODOT to coordinate and cooperate with local governments on access management, and 3) the ability of MODOT to persuade the development community of the value and importance of access management.

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