Research | 2013

Mobility 2025 Update: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan

  • Published by:  North Center Texas Council of Governments

North Center Texas Council of Governments, Mobility 2025 Update: The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (undated)

      NCTCOG’s Mobility 2025 Update embraces “sustainable development” as the region’s new strategic approach to transportation planning, programming, and construction. The plan recognizes four categories of sustainable development and applies multimodal planning to advance them. The four categories are strategic urban development, integrated land-use planning/urban design, transit oriented development (TOD), and access management. Key access management strategies identified are:

  • Require shared access (driveways) and shared parking for new
  • developments, expansions, or redevelopments.
  • Provide access to major arterials or heavily traveled corridors via
  • secondary roads (instead of access points directly on major arterials).
  • Restrict left-turn conflicts on thoroughfares with a high volume of traffic.
  • Limit signal spacing along major thoroughfares.
  • Locate school zones away from major arterials

Of interest is the inclusion of school location as an access management strategy – a strategy also employed by North Carolina Department of Transportation. 

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