Research | 2013

Mobility Review Guide: A Proposed Practice

  • Authored by:  Kristine M. Williams
  • Co-authored by:  Karen Seggerman

Williams, K. and K. Seggerman, Mobility Review Guide: A Proposed Practice, prepared for the Florida Department of Transportation, Center for Urban Transportation Research (2010)

      This guide and the companion checklist provides a framework that can be used by local governments and state transportation agencies to evaluate the adequacy of local government land use and transportation plans for improved mobility. It could also be modified for use in state agency or local government self assessment of proposed corridor management plans for major highway corridors. In addition, local governments may find the guide and checklist a useful resource in developing effective land use and transportation strategies.

      This proposed framework depicts options that are considered best practices for transportation and land use (mobility) planning. These options could be used in planning and implementing viable strategies to advance mobility objectives for the SIS and other major highway corridors, while supporting growth management efforts to increase use of alternative modes, reduce vehicle miles of travel (VMT), and enhance the multimodal environment. The long term goal is to maintain or improve mobility on highways of strategic importance to statewide mobility. It encourages local governments to apply a broad range of comprehensive corridor management strategies, including access management, parallel relievers, transportation demand management, transit service enhancements, land use and activity center strategies, and impact mitigation strategies. 

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