Paper | 2017

Model Land Development and Subdivision Regulations that Support Access Management

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation , Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida

 Effective local access management requires planning as well as regulatory solutions. Communities should establish a policy framework that supports access management in the local comprehensive plan, prepare corridor or access management plans for specific problem areas, and encourage good site planning techniques. Land development and subdivision regulations should be amended accordingly and communities may also consider a separate access management ordinance. Access management programs should address commercial development along thoroughfares, as well as flag lots, residential strips, and other issues related to the division and subdivision of land. Comprehensive and subarea plans provide the rationale for access management programs and can serve as the legal basis for public policy decisions.  

Access Permitting, Access Spacing, Classification, Coordination, Corridor Plans, Driveways, Effects, Introduction, Land Development, Legal Considerations, Local Program, Regional Program, Right-of-Way, State Program
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