Research | 2013

Network Planning: Developing a Multimodal Approach

  • Authored by:  J. Fernandez
  • Co-authored by:  L. Marcus

Fernandez, J., & L. Marcus. “Network Planning: Developing a Multimodal Approach.” ITE Journal, (2009) pp. 30-39.

This paper suggests that network planning should focus on various modes of travel, where it has predominantly been focusing on automobile trips. The authors recommend expanding the traditional functional roadway classification to incorporate context.  An arterial in a suburban setting (predominantly automobile) will have very different needs than an arterial in a dense, urban context (which would need to serve many more modes of travel).  The authors note that the best solution to mitigating congestion and access management issues can oftentimes be found in proper network planning.  “A more finely grained urban network serves to distribute traffic more evenly while providing improved…connectivity…and safety.”  The concept of a provisioned “finely grained network” is often refered to as layered network.  San Francisco is one example of a city who effectively used this concept.  The city’s policy focuses on “the movements of people and goods, not vehicles.”