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NY Route 5 Access Management Plan

  • Published by:  Creighton Manning Engineering

NY Route 5 Access Management Plan, prepared by Creighton Manning Engineering for the Capital District Transportation Authority and the Capital District Transportation Committee, (2009). Available online at
This access management plan for New York Route 5 in upstate New York was developed in concert with a plan to implement bus rapid transit along the corridor. It includes an excellent overview of access management techniques and their benefits from a multimodal perspective. IT also includes a site plan review checklist to guide local governments in implementing access management and a toolbox that explains the benefits and concerns associated with the various access management techniques. As noted in the plan report:

“The creation of a corridor-wide access management plan, as recommended in the NY5 Land Use and Transportation Study, is one part of improving conditions on NY5 for all system users and helping to ensure the success of BRT in the corridor…Without the concerted effort of the local planning boards taking care to implement access management on each site, larger corridor benefits cannot be realized.”

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