Research | 2013

Quantification of the Benefits of Access Management for Kentucky

  • Authored by:  A. Kirk
  • Co-authored by:  J. Pigman , B. House

Kirk, A., J. Pigman, B. House, Quantification of the Benefits of Access Management for Kentucky, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (2006)

This study focuses on quantifying and assessing the safety, capacity, and economic impacts of Kentucky’s access management programs.  Following a proposal to enact a statewide access management plan, an Access Management Task Force commissioned this study to understand the benefits of implementing the statewide access management plan.  The research group compiled a list of common access management treatments from national research studies before investigating the effects of those treatments on various projects through Kentucky. Over twenty miles of improved roadway throughout Kentucky were examined.  The report organizes the data by case study, noting the effects of the access management improvements in terms of safety, capacity, and economic impact.  Summary findings show reductions in crash rates and delays.  The research team supports the decision for a statewide access management plan, noting that the benefits outlined in the report can be achieved “by proactively managing future roadway access through a comprehensive statewide program and through efforts to improve current access spacing in conjunction with highway improvement projects.”

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