Research | 2013

Regional Implementation of Access Management

  • Authored by:  Christina Hopes

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) conducted a survey of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to assess the implementation of access management at the regional level. The intent of the survey was to determine if access management was being implemented at the regional level; what had been implemented; and how implementation was achieved. Survey responses were divided into three categories: all respondents, respondents serving a population of one million or more (population subset), and respondents serving 25 or more member agencies (agency subset). The subsets were based on characteristics shared with the MAG. Survey responses were analyzed to determine if MPOs had adopted access management plans and policies; used access management in corridor plans; and/or allocated funding to access management activities. Analysis on the population and agency subsets were conducted to determine if population or the number of member agencies served affected the implementation of access management at the regional level. Additional analysis was conducted to determine if any statistically significant correlations occurred between access management activities and funding. This paper presents the research findings and subsequent analysis. 

Hopes, C. “Regional Implementation of Access Management,” 91st Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board Compendium of Papers, Washington, D.C., (2012)

Corridor Plans
Operations, Traffic Control, human factors, safety