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Second International Conference on Access Management Proceedings 2014

  • Published by:  ASCE

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Access Management held in Shanghai, China, September 25-27, 2014. Sponsored by the Access Management Committee of the Transportation Research Board; Tongji University; Shanghai Jiaotong University; the Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, PRC; the Research Institute of Highway, PRC; the Ministry of Transportation, PRC; and the Construction Institute of ASCE

This collection contains 30 peer-reviewed papers covering research on roadway and highway access management policy, practices, safety, planning, and design in urban and suburban settings. Experiences from various countries including China, Poland, South Africa, and the United States are presented.

Topics include: economic impact of access management; development of access management guidelines; accident reduction and prevention; safety analysis and evaluation techniques; acceleration, deceleration and auxiliary freeway lanes; operation safety in highway interchanges and ramps; roundabouts, signalized or unsignalized intersections; and planning and design with access management.

These papers will be valuable to construction and transportation engineers and researchers working in the area of traffic management.

View presentations from the conference which may include topics not covered in the paper proceedings.

Access Permitting, Access Spacing, Auxiliary Lanes, Classification, Coordination, Corridor Plans, Effects, Introduction, Land Development, Local Program, Medians, Networks, Regional Program, Right-of-Way, State Program, Techniques
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